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Did You Know There Are Around 100,000 Children Aged Less Than 5 Suffering From Acute Malnutrition In Haiti?

This is only a start to the problems people of the Caribbean face every day. Here at Unity International Ministry we work day and night to provide necessary humanitarian aid to the less fortunate communities in the Caribbean.

Initiated by Pastor Wilson J. in 2013, after a mission trip across the region, the Unity International Ministry have grown into a well rounded humanitarian aid foundation supporting thousands of people across the Caribbean live better lives.

We Need YOU!

Like every other non-profit organization, we at Unity International Ministry need Good Samaritans like you to help us promote our cause and assist us in improving the lives we can! Pick a cause that is close to your heart or simply donate generously and let us put your funds where they’re needed most.

There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Donate!

  • Educate
  • Support Our Orphanage
  • Eradicate Hunger
  • Eradicate Hunger

Your Money Can Help Change Someone’s Life!

Care. Donate. Support.

Share the Love. Join Us As We Strive to Make a Difference.

Working with Unity International Ministry is tantamount to working for a better world. We value community support regardless of what form it is in. You could be a donor or a volunteer and still bring a positive change to your surroundings with your dedication, compassion, and even expertise.


Our healthcare programs are currently serving across [number of regions] regions in the Caribbean.

We feed the hungry, educate the masses, love the orphans, and provide basic healthcare facilities to those who need it most. There are still many we are unable to reach out to – help us connect to them by connecting with us. Together we have the power to lighten up someone’s life!

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